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Dexam Unspillable Mug – ‘The Mug That Won’t Fall Over’

Let us present you the World’s first unspillable mug for travelling and everyday use. This amazing mug is based on smart grip technology which will not let your drink spill. By having this wonderful mug you won’t knock out your drink accidentally anymore. The mug is constructed with double wall and can hold about 0.5L of fluid and it is completely dishwasher safe.

Due to its double wall insulation it can also keep your drink warm or cold depending on your requirement. Whether you want to use it is on picnics or you just want to have it in your office, whatever the reason this item will be a perfect choice. This mug can be a perfect gift for person with arthritis or some other holding problem as it will help them holding the mug properly.

Another great use of this mug is around electronics, spilling drink on your laptops or mobile phones can damage them permanently. Now you can enjoy your drink anywhere you want, use it around your computers or laptops and keep your electronics safe from your drink.


  • Aesthetically build
  • Novel and an amusing piece of technology


  • Slow customer service

8.2 Total Score
Dexam Unspillable Mug - 'The Mug That Won't Fall Over'

An amazing mug which will not fall over

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Dexam Unspillable Mug

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