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Darkside by Sphero, The Robot

Do you want amazing amount of fun with a robot? Well, dark side is one of the finest racing robots.  It is fairly easy to control but needs time to master it. There are tons of tricks and with all these tricks you can achieve different style of movements. Strongly build and fine engineering design makes it a reliable and enjoyable robotic toy. Indeed a cool product.

Product features:

  • It has tons of extras including 2 nubby and turbo tires, a USB charging cable and two prime hubs.
  • You can download its free application from Google play or play store.
  • The outer shell is made up of polycarbonate material which can bear collisions.
  • Very easy to control through your mobile phone via Bluetooth.
  • It is also has glowing LEDs on its outer surface.
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Darkside by Sphero

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