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Dancing Water Speakers

Who doesn’t love music? They say “music is food of the soul” and rightly so, the music can change your mood instantly. A happy song can turn any person into a cheerful mood while a dance number can inject incredible amount energy into anyone. In this dancing speaker even the water is dancing on the music tunes.

The construction of this speaker is quite remarkable; it is indeed a very fine piece of article in which special attention is given to tiny details. It is made of acrylic which is a light weight material; the outer surface is carefully polished to give amazing feel and look. Moreover, all parts used in its construction are toxic free hence it is quite safe around children as well.

Don’t get fooled by its aesthetic looking design as it will also give you the best sound experience. The speakers are attached to a built-in amplifier which provides clear sound and tone. Overall, the sound quality of this relatively small speaker is comparable with many medium size speakers available in market.

The LED light is the most enjoyable feature of this dancing speaker. The color combination from 4 different LED light will make you enjoy the music even more. The movement of the water is dependent on the volume of the speaker, fast songs will have an energetic effect on the water while slow song will turn water into a bit of laziness.

This speaker is very easy to operate as it comes with a universal 3.5 mm port. This port can be used to connect any cell phone, notebook or even TV with the speaker. It is essentially a plug and play device.

You can keep this speaker in your bedroom to enjoy romantic music in the night or you can keep it in the drawing room to amuse your guests. It can be a wonderful gift for your loved ones as well, whether it is a birthday party, a wedding anniversary or any special occasion this gift can put a big smile on your loved ones faces.

Get this dancing speaker and enjoy the music with some dancing moves.


  • Novel design and concept
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Good sound quality for small speakers
  • Inexpensive


  • Music need to be loud for proper water dance
  • A bit fragile construction

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Dancing Water Speakers

Water dancing speaker with amazing concept and good sound quality. Worth a buy !!!!!!!!!!!

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Dancing Water Speakers

Novel design dancing water speakers.

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