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Gag Gifts for Women

Everybody loves gifts, don’t they? Whether it is a party or a birthday or a typical get together, gifts are wonderful to show your love and emotion towards a person. If you want your gift to be unique and funny and you also want your gift to be stand out from the bunch then you are at the right place. We have gathered some unique, amusing and funny gifts which you can buy with a mere click. This is a special list dedicated towards gag gifts for women. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll, check and buy with just a click.

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Prank Pack Pet Sweep

Prank Pack Pet Sweep

This is one of the most hilarious prank gifts available online. If you want your pet to work for you as a maid then you are on the right page. It comes with a number of attachments including broom, dustpan and plow. Now tommy will do everything for you from cleaning pavement to removing dirt. A cool prank for pet ...

Prank Pack Toe Tunes

Prank Pack Toe Tunes

Tired of using headphones all the times? Want to replace all the wires with something totally different? Toe tunes are a wonderful solution. Now you can listen to music whether you are shaving, working or taking a nap. A funny gift box for a person who is a music addict.