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2-inch Mobile Projector

Enjoying a movie or a video has become so easy with this 2-inch mobile projector which is compatible with tablets and laptops as well. With 120 inch display and a small size this projector is an absolutely astonishing piece of equipment. Moreover, its construction is really solid and the picture quality is clear and sharp.

This 2-inch mobile projector is the most powerful and fully functional projector you will ever buy.  The weight of the projector is just 1.8 pounds as it is built with lightweight aluminum sheet. The product is really compact as its dimension is just 8 x 8 x 2.5 inches.  It is also equipped with a powerful lithium ion battery for continuous video viewing. With the help of this projector you can turn any surrounding into mini cinema.

The video quality of this mini projector is unbelievably sharp, however the video quality is best suited in low lit rooms. The unit is equipped with micro SD slot so that you can play any video or image in a matter of seconds. In short it is indeed a marvel of a technology; it is just like having a 120” mini cinema in your pocket.  With its incredible size you can keep this product with you every time. Worth every penny !!!!!!!!!!!

Other product features:

  • It is compatible with HDMI ports
  • It has one and a half hour battery life
  • Flexible mini tripod, USB charger, cables and remote control are also included in the purchase
  • 20,000 hours life LED light
  • Display stretches up to 10 ft


  • Amazingly small in size
  • Built quality is just remarkable
  • It is equipped with all the necessities including HDMI cable, Audio-Video Cable, Power Cable, Remote etc
  • It will give best viewing experience with top notch sharpness, brightness and contrast


  • Text does not appear as sharp as videos on the projector
  • Video quality degrades slightly when screen size is increased beyond 50″
  • Slightly short cables

8.2 Total Score
2-inch Mobile Projector

Portable, powerful and top quality mini mobile projector.

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2-inch Mobile Projector

A very powerful mini projector with an astonishing 120 inch display.

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